At the empty tomb of Jesus Christ Jerusalem.He is risen!He is not in the grave!

After the tremendous worshipscene described in chapter five of the book of revelation Jesus the Lamb of God Opens the book with seven seals that contains the end time plan of God.Six seals are opened in this chapter and the seventh in Revelation chapter eight.As we study the judgements of God it may be hard for you to understand why such a loving heavenly father would bring these things upon the earth.It is true that God is love and it is His will that no man should perish but that all men every where should be saved. 1 Timothy 2:3-4.

But God is a God of wrath,we will also see His mercy.


The seal judgements are warnings of the increasingly severe judgement to come.The six trumpets are final appeals for mankind to repent.Then because of their continual refusal to do so God’s wrath is poured out through sounding of the seventh trumpet which starts the bowls of judgements.What happens when the s3als are broken will happen prior to Jesus second comming.

The first seal;

Symbol;A rider on a white horse.

What it represents:The anti -christ.

The rider has a bow but no arrows.This dhows us the enemy has no power.

The second seal:

Symbol:A rider on a red hoerse.

What it represents;This represents bloodshed.

The so called peaceful conq7est of the first rider eventually leads to war.Jesus worked that this would happen.There cannot be peace without the prince of peace Jesus Christ.

The third seal:

Symbol:A rider on a black horse.

Hat it represents:Famine resulting from war after marth.This will increase the living cost such that people will not be able to meet dailly cost of living.Besides all this ,the mercy of God will be there to take care of those who turn to Him.

The fourth seal;

Symbol;A pale sickly looking horse and rider named death and hades.

What it represents;They represent a wave of death that will sweep across the face of the earth killing one third of the earths population through wars,famine,and pleague.

The fifth seal:

The symbol;An alter with souls of believers who had given their lives for the Gospel.

What it represents;This represents the souls and mertydom of bekievers down through the centuries.Theese martys were crying out yo God wanting to know when their blood would be avenged.They where requested to wait for a little while.Then they where given white garments.

The sixth seal:

The symbol:

Supernatural signs in heaven and earth including an earthquake.The sun,the moon and mountains disappearing .The darkening of the sun will affect the growth of good as well as create psychological effects like depression and societal problems like looting and other crimes varied out under the cover of darkness.

What they represent;

The day of the Lord is at hand.

Point to note is that;

Great tribulation is instigated by Satan.

The day of the Lord is when God’s wrath is poured out upon the wicked.

After all the six seals are opened and the wrath of God poured upon the inhabitants of the earth,peoples response was that of rebellion.They refused to repent.Then in my next article you will see that the judgement of God is poured.

After you have seen what awits the godless.It is my prayer you will consider your ways and surrender your life to Jesus if you have nit done so already.If you are born agsin into the Kingdom of God,keep the fire burning by obeying the King of the Kingdim of God Jesus Christ.

The big question is will you face the wrath of God or you will escape?The ball is on your side Jesus has done every thing to make sure you escape His wrath.


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