The comming of the Kingdom of God!

When the Devil was cast out of the Heaven after evil was conceived in his heart,he landed on this hearth and established his illegal kingdom.The mystery of the falling from glory of the Devil took place before the creation in the garden of Eden.This is because we see the devil appearing in the scene in the Garden from the blues immediately after God had created all things and said every thing was good,then the destroyer,the devil appeared to destroy.

This shows us that,there are two kingdoms in the spiritual realm,The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the Devil.These two kingdoms influence what happens in the physical realm. A according to Ephesians 2;2, those who have not believed in Jesus Christ ,those who are not born again,are under the influence  of the prince of air,that is the Devil.This shows us that if you are not saved your life is greatly influenced by the Devil.That is you are a resident of the kingdom of the Devil.If you are saved on the other side,you are born into the Kingdom of God and you are a resident in the Kingdom of God.

When John the Baptist begun to preach in preparation of the coming Messiah ,he preached and said,repent,for the Kingdom of God is near…….(Mathew;3;2.).This shows us that the coming of the Kingdom of God on this earth was introduced by John the Baptist when he begun to preach about it.John the Baptist actually prepared the way for the coming Messiah who would eventually bring the Kingdom of God to the people.Entry to the Kingdom is only through repentance of sins.Then after repentance one is expected to produce the fruit of repentance.

So the message of John the Baptist shows the eminent coming of the Kingdom of God and the requirement for entering the Kingdom.
Luke 17;20-27.
In this text we learn the following;

  1. The Kingdom of God does not come with our careful observation.
  2. People will not say “here it is or there it is”
  3. The Kingdom of God is within us!
  4. On the last day the King of the Kingdom ,Jesus Christ will come in power and the glory of heaven.

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