The parable of the ten virgins.


The Kingdom of God in this text is likened to ten  virgins who took their lamps and went to wait for the Bridegroom.Ten speeks of perfection.Virgins represent those who belong to the Lord.The BrideBridegroom represent Jesus Christ.Amongst them,five where wise and five where foolish.Foolishness here shows those who say the Lord is not there.For bible elsewhere says the fool says there is no God.These foolish five begun well for they where really expecting the Bridegroom to come,however ,along the way they lost hope of His comming.They where not sure whether the Lord is there or not.There lamps ran dry.In this way the became fools.All over sudden the Bridegroom appeared,and the five wise virgins where ready for Him.The folish five where bussy looking for oil as the wise where bussy receiving the Bridegroom.Now when  the King of the Kingdom of God ,Jesus comes back will He find you ready?Will you be wise or will you be foolish on that Day?Are you ready now for He can come even now when you are reading this posting.If you are not ready for Him stop reading now and neel down where you are and redidicate your life to Him and have your oil refilled by Him in time.

Our Father in heaven,Hallowed be thy name!Thy Kingdom come!


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