How to enter into the Kingdom of God.

Calvary greetings to all!Grace and peace to you from Him who is seated on the right hand side of God,Jesus Christ the son of the living God!

Im excited to share with you on how to enter the Kingdom of God.Jesus speaking to Nicodemus He explained to him and told him that unless you are born of two things;

Water and

Spirit,you  cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

Water speaks of the word of God.In john 15:3.the bible says that you are now clean because of the word you have heard.The more you hear the word of God the more you are cleaned from dead works.

The word of God is powerfull.It it has power to perform what it says.Yours is to believe it.To believe is to take the word of God to be true.You get nothing by douting the word of God.Would you like to be cleaned of your former way of life ?The begin to believe the word of God.

On the other hand water speaks of the Holy spirit.The Holy Spirit has power to give you new birth if you yieldbto Him.The word of God is spiritual and you need to be in the spirit to understand it.Slow the Holy spirit to work in you and lead you in all the truth and you will experience the new birth.

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  1. wow!such and awesome and timely read, I pray that I maybe made strong by the word!

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