Experience the Fire of God!

At the entrance of the Western wailing wall in Jerusalem
II Chronicles 7;1-3 Solomon led of the Spirit of God provides us with a protocol to go to the level of experiencing the Fire of God in your life. The bible shows us the steps to experience the fire of God in the text I have quoted above. The following are the steps we see in the text above;
  • Prayer,
  • The fire came
  • The Glory of God came down,
  • People worshiped in the glory.
If you need the fire of God in your life then you have to pray first.After you pray the fire of God will come down.This means you pray until the fire comes down not for one hour or two.The fire of God will purify you and set you apart for the masters use.After the fire comes the glory of God will come down.The glory of God is the very essence of God.It is all that God is and has.So you will experience the fullness of God just as Jesus when He was on this world in the flesh.You need the fire,you need the Glory so that you will worship God acceptably.


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  1. Amazing, i need to delve fully into this fire so that i can glorify the Father as i worship in glory, very much nourishing

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