How the Kingdom of God spreads.


Calvary greetings all! I hope you are enjoying life in the Kingdom of God.Now I want to show you two biblical principles through which the Kingdom of God spreads.


From this text we see two foundamendal Biblical principle through which the Kingdom of God spreads.These are;i



Jesus himself taught and said,you are the light of the earth.He meant without you,the born again believers,those who belong to His Kingdom,the earth would experience total darkness.In darkness no work can continue except the work of darkness and the works of God are not of darkness.Dear child of God ,it is required of you that your light should shine.In other words,you are saved by grace but for others to see the Kingdom of God in you,you must do the works of righteousness.

On the other hand,it is required of you the your salt has to taste in this restless world.In the Jewish thought,salt could loose its saltiness.This is because they could use a stone which contained salt.They could place it in food for a while until they got the taste they needed then remove the stone.After long use,the salt in this stone would runout and the owner of the stone had no other option except to throw it away.

Salt is used for;

1. Adding taste to food.

2.Preserving food.

3.Medicinal purposes.

Now,let your way of life add taste to the earth,preserve the earth and heal the brokenhearted.

This way the Kingdom of God will spread through you and people will glorify God.

Now how do youspread the Kingdom of God?

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